The 3 Step Formula For Marketing Your Business On Any Social Media Site

Congratulations! You’ve started an account for your business on Facebook, or Twitter, Or LinkedIn, or Pinterest, or Google+.

Now What?

If you’ve ever stared at your screen wondering, “How should I promote my business on this social network today?”  –– This article is for you.

The answer to the questions above comes down to three little words. If you can remember these three words (repeat it like a mantra) , you’ll never wonder “What should I do on this social network?” again.

I have taught this formula in my seminars and to my clients and they love it! 

Ready? Here they are:

Post. Share. Mingle.

Unless you are running a specific event on a social network (like a twitter chat or a google hangout) — your regular marketing activities can be summed up in those three little words.

No matter which social media site you are on, if you want to promote your business on it,  you are almost always going to be doing one of these three activities: 

Here are some critical things to remember for each step. 

When posting your own original content, remember that it shouldn’t be “all about you” all the time. If you only post self-promotional material, your audience will tune you out quickly.  To paraphrase Amy Porterfield, Facebook Expert, eighty percent of your post should be “inspiring, educational, empowering, or entertaining.” If you post content that truly adds value to your audience eight percent of the time, then you can post promotional content twenty percent of the time and your audience will notice it and probably support you by engaging with those posts, as well as, of course, taking advantage of what you have to offer. 

In order to become a valuable resource for your audience (so that they want to read your posts on a regular basis) and to be considered “a citizen in good standing” of the social media world, you must frequently share other people’s content. You can stand out from the crowd by telling your audience, in your post, why you think they would enjoy the article, instead of just re-posting the title. Also, sharing, or retweeting someone else’s content is a good way to “get on their radar” and start a conversation with them — so go ahead and share strategically. If there’s someone you want to connect with, and they’ve posted something brillant, share it with your audience. They will probably thank you for it, and you can take the conversation from there.

Once while I was teaching my Twitter Step-By-Step class, one of my students asked, “Sarah, I post and share on Twitter all the time. I never see any business from it.” I explained to her that if all she does is post and share on Twitter, without actually starting and jumping into conversations, then it’s as if she going to networking meetings, leaving her cards at the front entrance, and leaving. She is much more likely to generate leads and create valuable business relationships if she actually stays at the meeting and socializes.  Likewise, she (and you) will only see the benefits of social media marketing if she engages in conversations sites like Twitter. Each site has different ways to “mingle.” On LinkedIn, you may want to join groups. (Not industry groups of your peers. Choose the groups where your target market hangs out!)   On Facebook perhaps you should regularly visit some pages that would interest your target customers. Create a strategy for how you are going to mingle on each site.  Then — Be Bold! Be Brave!  Start conversations and jump into conversations that have already started. It’s okay. It’s expected. After all, social media is supposed to be social.

So, to wrap up…

If you ever find yourself staring at your computer wondering…

What Should I Do To Promote My Business Today?

Just remember these three steps:

Post. Share. Mingle.

1. Post Your Own Original Content
2. Share Other People’s  Content
3. Mingle. Start and Jump Into Conversations.

 Now — go to it!

I’ll see you on social media!

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