Bring The Maven’s World-Class Social Media Training To Your Office In The GTA!

Too Busy To Attend One Of
The Maven’s Popular Seminars Or Workshops?

No problem, Sarah will bring her expert training to your office in the Greater Toronto Area!

The same popular and effective instruction available in Sarah’s Step-by-Step social media workshops is now available for you and your employees at your location.

Each three-hour training is not just about “where to click”  or how to use the site. 

The E-marketing Maven empowers you with the combination of technology, psychology and strategy that you need to generate leads and sales with social media. 

When we meet to learn Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn you will:

Be introduced to the site-of-the-day as if you have never seen it before.  
There is no need to worry about your current level of comfort with the site. The Maven will show you everything you need to know about how to use it. 

Set up your account with the Maven’s support
The Maven will walk you through setting up your account step-by-step. Alternatively, the Maven will check your current account to ensure that it is fully optimized. If graphics are needed, The Maven will obtain and upload them for you, saving you hundreds of dollars in graphic design and page setup fees!.

Learn how to build a targeted audience of potential customers or referral sources.
The Maven will show you several cutting-edge strategies for getting targeted likes, followers or connections.

Never Wonder “What Should I Post Today?” 
The Maven will give you many ideas and examples, and help you create a specific plan about what to post on a regular basis. You’ll also learn how to get your audience to engage with your posts.

Learn The Secrets To Networking On The Site
If all you do on social media is post content, it’s as if you went  to a networking meeting, left your business cards on the front table,  and walked away.  The Maven will show you exactly how to start conversations and  build relationships on the site.  

Discover Time Saving Secrets
Yes you CAN integrate social media into your regular business routines. The Maven will show you professional tools and shortcuts that make social media marketing much more manageable.  

Solve the Social Media Mystery!  
The E-marketing Maven is devoted to answering ALL of your social media questions. If you stump her, she will leverage her wide network of online professionals to find out the answer for you! 

PLUS — You’ll Get an Illustrated Guide
In addition to the hands-on instruction and expert advice you’ll receive, you’ll also get a step-by-step guide will help your social media marketing moving forward.

And You’ll Never Be Alone With Social Media Again
The Maven encourages her clients to send follow-up questions via email or social media, and will be happy to schedule a brief complementary check-in call with you 2-3 weeks after your session. Other options for ongoing support are also available. 


– Each training is a minimum of two hours. Sessions often run into three hours.
– Sessions are usually scheduled from 9-12 and 1-4pm
– I can train more than one person at a time. Two or three individuals is ideal.
– If travel time exceeds 45 minutes, an additional $50 charge will be applied. 
– Seminars and hands-on workshops are also available for your company, organization, or non-profit. Click here to learn more.


This training will save you countless hours of learning and experimenting. It will also save thousands of dollars in social media management fees!

Most Importantly:

In my  hands-on step-by-step social media training, nothing is left to the imagination.  All of your questions will be answered, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to generate more leads and sales with social media. 

 Here’s what Sarah’s clients say about her on-site training services:

Maven Maven

"Sarah has a particular talent for grasping my ideas and bringing them down into simple strategies. While Sarah is on the cutting-edge of online marketing & social media she also knows how to make the process easy to understand and access with her explanations and custom-made tutorials." - Tuvyah Schleifer Read More

Maven Maven

"Sarah was of great assistance to me in [learning how to use Linkedin to promote] my mediation/arbitration practice. She is patient, knowledgeable and fully understands the concepts in internet marketing. I highly recommend her services." - Howard Warren, Warren Mediation Group Read More

Maven Maven

"The thought of being active on social media 2-5 times daily to maintain an online presence was overwhelming me. Thoughts of "When Will I find the time? What will I write about? and "Where do I begin?" were a few of the things holding me back.  So I turned to Sarah Zeldman, The E-Marketing Maven, for guidance and support. Sarah taught me key principles…and by the end of our session I had a page of ideas and a posting schedule. Sarah, I can't thank you enough for your valuable time and expertise and most importantly, for giving me the confidence to get started!" - Rachel Karlinksy, Order In the Home Read More

Maven Maven

"If you want to get the best and most productive ways of having your business at the forefront of the social media domain Sarah would be at the the top of my list to recommend. She is extremely knowledgeable and comes with a depth of resources and access to a skilled support team. She has great integrity and was of amazing value." - Emma O'Dwyer, The Matcom Group Read More

Don’t Delay!

If you’re ready to get the knowledge and skills  you need to actively use social media to promote your products  and services, then use this form to contact me  or call me at 905-709-7729 to get more information or set up your on-site step-by-step training session TODAY!