Seminar Testimonials

In her seminars and hands-on social media workshops, The E-marketing Maven has empowered many business owners to actively promote their business online.

Here is just a small selection of her rave reviews:

Go Get ‘Em With Social Media: Twitter Edition

“[The speaker had] excellent knowledge of the topic and [gave a] fluid presentation”

– Paul Haynes

“Sarah always provides great tools and ideas that help us keep our social media account current and exciting”

– Emma O’Dwyer

“A great intro to twitter for those with little or no previous experience”

– Krista Turner

“Great content for beginner Twitter users. Covered all of the basics and gave a plan for implementation”

– Roman Z.

“Sarah is the best teacher on any subject”

– Santina Mariani

“Very informative and educational. Sarah is an outstanding teacher and presenter”

– Debbie Bonk, President & CEO, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Go Get ‘Em With Social Media; Facebook Edition

“This is a great seminar for beginners or for those who have very little experience or technical know-how concerning Facebook.”

– Romina Monaco

“Sarah makes it very clear that social media can be an invaluable tool to any business…if used wisely. Thanks for showing me how. Great use of time! Thanks! “

– Alex Lombardi

“Very important information. Easy to understand and remember! Easy language to follow!”

– Rehata Pancini

“Very beneficial if your company/organization wants to create a fanpage and has very little knowledge of how to do it”

– Krista Turner

“The material was clearly presented. Questions were encouraged and answered respectfully and patiently”

– Goldie Kass

[This presentation was] very informative, now I have a better understanding of how to use Facebook”

– Domenic Tozzo

“Wonderful, very helpful”

– Lisa Amador

“Very Informative”

– Nick Siseor

Boost Your Business With Online Marketing and Social Media

“The very complicated world of internet marketing & social media can be understood when someone as knowledgeable as Sarah explains it. The presentation was excellent!”

– Santina Mariani

“This was a great presentation and I would recommend it”

– Talim Baksh

“Very clear instructions & answers questions clearly”

– Tammy Guilden

“I learned valuable tips for promoting the business on Social media”

– Maristella Salvi

Facebook Step-By-Step

“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise in such an entertaining and engaging session this afternoon. It was insightful, useful, demystifying. Fantastic 2 hours!

– Cindy Chapman

“This class is a definite “must” to take!

– Denise K Livotti

“Excellent & engaging information!”

– Irene Dzerowitz

“The value is great!”

– Sandi Folkes

“This seminar has create a timeline and project plan for me to start using my fanpage as a way to drive traffic to my website”

– Julia Pronin

“Very informative and I was able to set up a fan page.”

– Deborah Silva

“I got too many valuable ideas to list! It was insight packed and easy to follow.”

– David Magil

“It was great! Very informed!”

– Dan Walker Rock This Way!

“Sarah was very personable and very helpful”

– Ross Munro – Rock This Way

“I learned how to effectively use Facebook as a tool to promote and gain exposure”

– Ed Fiore – Rock This Way

“Excellent teacher”

– Diane Sawyer

“The Most Valuable Ideas I gained from this presentation are:

  • new marketing and time management ideas
  • ways to integrate all types of social media
  • landing page customization
  • how to effectively use facebook as a tool to promote and gain exposure
  • too many to list!”

What I would tell others about the quality and value of the content:

  • “Informational & insight packed, easy to follow”
  • “It was great! Well informed!”

“Sarah Was personable and very helpful!”

Twitter Step-By-Step

“Sarah brings a world of social networking knowledge to her classes! I can’t get enough!!”

– Cindy Chapman, Plan-It Promotions

“I will recommend this course fully. I feel twitter has been ‘demystified.'”

– Irene Tamblyn

“If you want to tweet properly – go see Sarah”

– Lisa Sinopoli

“Very good content”

– Sandi Folkes

“Excellent class”

– Irene Dzerowicz

“Great info. Thank you!”

– Loretta Bonatto

LinkedIn Step-By-Step

“It was very valuable and extremely helpful”

– Tamanna Bawa – Plan It Promotions

“I loved it. So much applicable content I can use immediately!”

– Cindy Chapman – Plan It Promotions

“I find that I learn so much from these classes! Thank you!”

– Tammy Gilden

“I found the information very useful.”

– Sani Fokes CariVaughan

“Great information – Thank you!”

– Loretta Bonatto

“Excellent Speaker! Excellent Info”

– Irene Dzerowicz

“This seminar was very informational”

– Maddalina Pertuccelli