Before specializing in E-marketing for small businesses, The Maven was a Life and Business Coach who often helped her clients with internet marketing. These testimonials are from her coaching clients and colleagues. To hear the audio testimonials, simply click on the play button (the triangle) below each picture. Additional written testimonials are below.

Please Note: Some of the clients below have, unfortunately, “retired” their websites, so you may not find them online, but rest assured,  these people and testimonials are real!

I just want to thank Sarah Zeldman so much because her advice, her encouragement has helped me so much. First off she is the one who encouraged me to “niche down” from my general field to my more specific niche now which I love and if it wouldn’t have been for her support and encouragement and push, I wouldn’t have done it. Furthermore, the constant motivation that she gives me to continue working…she really keeps on top of me and is always giving me great ideas, “How about an ebook about this? When are you going to do this?” It really pushes me and motivates me to keep on working on my business and making it successful and I really appreciate her positive upbeat qualities. It’s really a pleasure to work with her and Sarah I thank you.

–Rivka Slatkin – Jewish-Life-Organized.com

“…here at Work-At-Home-Moms Talk Radio we just really want to connect you with great resources for honest ethical businesses. We teach you ways to build a sustainable business and I’m really proud of that…I’m excited this week for something that is happening at Work-At-Home-Moms-Talk Radio. A few months ago Sarah Zeldman from SolutionsForBusyMoms.com was guest on Work-At-Home-Moms Talk Radio and then she came back and brought a guest segment in the following program.

I really like Sarah. I really respect Sarah as a home management coach, a home business coach — great gal. She’s very organized and very well put-together. Sometimes I feel like I fly by the seat of my pants a lot in my business. I do plan. I do brain dumps every now and then. I do organize and have a purpose for most of the things that I do but  I wouldn’t say that I’m highly organized or that I approach things in a systematic way and that’s always what I think about when I think about Sarah. I think she’s very organized, very systematic and thinks through every little thing she does. And I thought to myself, that Sarah would make a great addition to Work-At-Home-Moms Talk Radio because Sarah would bring her style to the show.

Where Kelly is a more “Fly by the seat of my pants, whatever comes in is what comes out”…I rarely have anything planned to share. I mean I have my little list of what I want to cover but as far as what I’m going to say I usually don’t think past the tip of my nose, as my dad used to say. Sarah knows what she is going to say. She knows what she is going to talk about and there’s a great place for both of us in business and in business coaching. So I talked to Sarah and I said that I’m thinking of bringing on a co-host, someone that can help me with the show. Someone who can bring some great content to the program. We talked it  through and decided that the way that she could be involved that would be best suited for her and best suited for me was that she would come on as a contributing host bringing interviews with authors and business experts that she runs into on the web. So that is what she’s doing starting this week. She’s got Maria Marsala, founder of Elevating Your Business. She’s going to be interviewing her. It’s a great interview. It’s about half-an-hour long. So grab your cup of coffee and be ready, it’s going to be fantastic. I’m just so pleased about this…I can’t tell you! If you know a business book author or a successful momprenur or a business coach that you think would have something great to share with our listeners, tell us about it and we’ll see if we can get them hooked up with Sarah for a great, meaty interview.

— Kelly McCausey – www.WAHMTalkRadio.com

“Thank G-d for Sarah Zeldman! You might recall Sarah from ShrinkRapRadio #106 on Psychology and the Coaching Movement. Sarah you see is a coach, and a wonderful coach she is too. She’s also a devoted long time listener of ShrinkRapRadio and she’s taken me under her wing, suggesting that Shrink Rap Radio should have some monetary support given all of the work that goes into it. Sarah knows that I’m reluctant to hold out a tin cup, so she’s come up with a creative approach whereby we swap somethin’ for somethin’…”

— Dr. David Van Nuys – ShrinkRapRadio.com – A “Thank You” on ShrinkRapRadio

“I’d like to share what having Sarah Zeldman as my business coach has meant to me as I’ve worked to build an online business. For starters, I’d have to say what has probably been the most valuable to me is Sarah’s wealth of knowledge about business and marketing strategies and more importantly how to implement those strategies to get results. Her ability to break down what seems to be an overwhelming idea or goal into systematic do-able steps make it possible to actually take a project from the idea stage to the drawing board and then actually bring it to fruition. Sarah is a business savvy person and knows how to reach her target market and gives them the information that they are looking for. As a coach she has been  able to teach me and support me as I work to accomplish that same objective. She challenges me to “color outside the lines” and really stretch myself to get into the mindset of the market Im trying to teach and provide my clients with real value and expertise. Sarah is really a treasure trove of ideas when it comes to brainstorming and she just has the ability to look at an issue from lots of different angles and then she is able to help me look at all of those ideas and get “the wheat from the chaff” so to speak…She serves as both my inspiration and my voice of reason and more than anything she holds me accountable to the goals that I set. She’s a great motivator. She isn’t afraid to give me a swift kick-in-the-behind when I need it and need to get moving. And she’s more than happy to listen to my excuses but inevitably she ends our conversation by saying, “Ok. You’ve got that off your chest, now get moving!” So…what else can I say? Sarah is the ace-you-want-up-your-sleeve, the secret weapon you want in your back pocket, the wing beneath your wings, so to speak. I wouldn’t be nearly as close to reaching my goals today without her encouragement and support. So thanks Sarah!”

— Barbie Paine – The Thriving Woman.com

“For over three years I bumbled along in a sometimes satisfying but most times frustrating and low-paying job as executive director of an international art guild. I tentatively toyed with the desire to start my own specialty art business, but in a year of dreaming never got any further with it than a thought cloud. All this changed when I chanced to see Sarah Zeldman’s mission statement: ‘Helping you balance your life and your dreams.'”

“Exactly three months later I am in a very different position and a very positive and exciting one. I just resigned from my job and started my own business. Sarah and her super skills as a professional yet very caring coach guided me through the process of making this happen from producing a portfolio and then a sample line, to writing a mission statement to targeting stores, making the calls and getting out the orders. I now have customers and even an exhibit in a museum. I realize there is no end to what I can accomplish but I needed Sarah’s support and guidance to focus and find my way.”

“Sarah is a very bright, articulate and encouraging coach… It is evident to me that she cares deeply that I find and reach my dreams”

— MarionPeer – FauxVisage.com

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with downloadyourdinner and everything else. You are truly a great motivator and a great coach. Thanks for being such a professional and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working with you in the future and when DYD is a huge success (b’ezrat hashem) I hope that we will both be rich enough to give the menus to our personal chefs to prepare!

— Lisa L. – www.DownloadYourDinner.com

“In our first coaching session, Sarah was able to identify my personal and professional needs and help me locate and use simple, inexpensive and effective resources to help me with my new business. She is extremely intuitive and empathetic toward the concerns of working women and was able to design strategies based upon my level of comfort and challenge.”

— Linda D. Pratt, MA/CCC-SLP, Sp.Ed.
Independent Educational Consultant

“Coaching with Sarah was the beginning of a whole new ERA for me. Before I got started with Sarah, my business was moving at a S-L-O-W pace. Sarah’s clarity, expertise, and passion for helping the entrepreneur, gave me a whole new look on how to do my business and how to tap into a market I didn’t even know existed. She knew how to do things on the internet that I didn’t even know the first thing about! The fact that we both share common interests (mothering, eating healthy) made our working together an absolute joy and I still hang on to every word she says! Thank you Sarah for showing me that so much more is possible.”

— Rivka Slatkin – www.cluborganized.com.