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On a deadline and need a quick sound-byte? If Sarah is available she’ll be happy to deliver her take on your social media question – go directly to the eMarketing Maven contact page and if it’s possible to fit your request in, we’ll work out the details.

This page was designed with traditional journalists in mind, if you’re a booker looking for a speaker, please visit the eMarketing Maven speaker page. Podcasters and bloggers will also want to visit the contact page to be directed appropriately – whether you need a guest speaker, guest poster or are looking at a joint venture or networking relationship.

If you are considering sources for a more in-depth interview or media feature, the links here should provide you with everything you need to determine if Sarah is right guest for your audience. However, if you do have any further questions they can be addressed through the eMarketing Maven’s contact page where you’ll also want to click if you want to schedule a live or recorded interview with Sarah Zeldman

Before we go further, thank you for your interest in having Sarah as a guest in your media outlet. Spreading solid information about social media is an important part of business operations at The eMarketing Maven, and Sarah will be thrilled to provide you with the background information or interview material you need to complete your story.

You’ll find that Sarah is a genuinely helpful and poised guest for long interviews and sound-bytes across media platforms. Over her career she’s cultivated a long and varied list of media appearances – contributing opinions and solid advice to a wide audience. With an enduring interest in communications that can be traced back to her college days – you’ll find her readily available to express her expertise in a way that speaks to your audience, especially if your audience includes small business owners and success oriented women.

Topic of Expertise: Online Marketing for Professional Business via Social Media

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  • Website Design  
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  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Podcasting (Online Audio Broadcasting)

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