Local Search Engine Marketing & Reputation Management

If you are a local business who wants to attract local clients, it is critical that you create properly optimized listings in location-based directories and review sites such as Google Places, Yahoo Local and Yelp.com.

Google Places results, for example, shows up at the top at of the search engine results. The listings are so well integrated into the page that they often look like they are the top organic results. Your listings in this and other local directory sites also influence the main search engine results. Finally, your potential customers are greatly influenced by the reviews that they see (or don’t see!) in your listings. Therefore, if you want more local customers it is vitally important to create properly optimized listings in these local directories and review sites.

Our Influence Engines Report evaluates your presence in these vitally important directories. Our proprietary software searches for your listings in the popular online directory sites and evaluates your rankings on each. It creates a report telling you  the top 5 directories listings that you should create or improve in order to improve your search engine rankings and overall online presence. This report can be generated for you for FREE.

Our “Hands Off” Influence Engine Service will do the tedious work of managing your presence in these local directories. Every month we will create and/or optimize your presence in the top 5 local directories that were determined by our report. We will also let you know of new consumer-generated rating and reviews.  This unique service will help you manage your online reputation, give you more exposure and help you rank higher in the search engines.

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