Get More Leads With Each Link You Share On Social Media

Sharing links to other people’s content is one of the three steps in my “formula” for marketing your business on any social media site.  While sharing links to great content helps you become known as a valuable resource and establishes you as “a citizen in good standing” of the social media world, there is one major disadvantage to this strategy — you are sending people to someone else’s website! Once your reader clicks on the link you are sharing– you and your brand are out of sight, and out of mind…until now…

Thanks to you can still shorten your liink (like you do with – but now you can add your name, logo and link to your site in a banner at the top of each page that you find and share on social media.  

You can see it in action on this link to an article about how to optimize your images for Pinterest:

And here’s a screenshot of how I used it for a client:

While I have used the same template in both examples, offers several different design options.

More importantly, since I have been using, I have seen an increase in the number of people who sign up to get my free report. For just $9.99/year — this branding and lead-generating tool is a bargain! 

I have never seen anything like this. Have you? If you know of some other  tools that allow you to get some “cred” (and leads!) for all of the links that you share, please tell us about them in the comments! 



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