Email Marketing

The number one rule of internet marketing is “The money is in the list — the email list!”

Once your visitor has joined your email list you can send them useful information, special offers, or any other correspondence that desire. When used correctly, email marketing can help you build a valuable database of targeted leads, earn their trust, and convert them into customers.

We offer several services to help you leverage this powerful internet marketing tool.

Email Marketing System Set-Up

If you’re website isn’t set up to capture leads by offering something of value for free (an ebook, audio, video or coupon) in exchange for a persons email address and/or mobile phone number then your website is going to end up being just another expense for your business, instead of an asset — something that puts money in your pocket.

With just a little guidance from you,  The E-Marketing Maven can have a digital product  made that will motivate your target customer to join your email list. We will also set up the  mechanism that automates the delivery of your digital gift and enables you to send emails to your targeted list of leads at your convenience.

“Hands Off” Follow-Up Email Marketing Campaign

When someone joins your email list, you have the opportunity  send them useful information to start to build a relationship, establish yourself as an expert, as well as pre-sell them on your products and services.  Therefore, we suggest creating an email campaign with pre-written messages that will be sent automatically, right after someone joins your email list at your desired frequency.

In addition, sending emails regularly (but not too frequently) is a great way to keep your business top-of-mind, make special offers, introduce new products and services,  drive traffic back to your website & social media campaigns and more.

With just a little bit of guidance from you, we can create and send emails to your list on a regular basis.

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