Are You Suffering From Social Media Stress Syndrome?

Feeling Overwhelmed by Social Media Marketing?

If you are a business owner, then you may be suffering from a form of Social Media Stress Syndrome (SMSS). This is a serious condition that affects millions of business owners annually. It is crucial that more knowledge and awareness is brought to this potentially crippling social networking disease.

In this article we will introduce the common varieties of SMSS and give an overview of possible treatments. Future articles will examine each strain of the disease more closely and provide comprehensive treatment options that could save your business.



People with SMSS can go undiagnosed for years. Often, people try and keep their symptoms hidden from others who aren’t suffering from the same ailment.

How can you tell if someone you know has SMSS? If you run into someone whom you suspect has Social Media Stress Syndrome, simply ask them “Hey, are you on Facebook?” during a conversation and monitor the responses.

  • Are they unable to meet your eyes or give you a vague response?
  • Do they trail off or mumble their response or if they respond with something like “Yeah, but I don’t really use it” or any other difficulty in speech?
  • Do they show a marked lack of enthusiasm, or signs of classic stress?
  • Are they showing signs of aggravation, such as throwing their hands up in the air, sighing deeply, or simply holding their head in their hands and shaking it?

A “yes” to any of these questions could indicate person with a case of SMSS.
There are three main varieties of SMSS and it’s important that you learn to recognize the symptoms of each variation because early diagnosis and treatment are extremely important. If not caught early, this syndrome can be paralyzing to the growth of your business. Interestingly, those people with little or no exposure to social media are often hit the hardest by SMSS. It strikes both young and old, although doctors are finding that teenagers are not often affected.

Types of Social Media Stress Symptoms 

There are 3 varieties of Social Media Stress Syndrome that specialists have been able to isolate.

Is Social Media Gone yet? No? I guess I can’t avoid it any longer…

Symptoms include:

  • A nagging feeling that you should be using social media to grow your business but you don’t know where to start.
  • Fear of not having time to learn how to use social media
  • Excessive spending on traditional marketing (i.e. direct mail, newspaper ads, telemarketing)
  • A low ROI on marketing campaigns

If not treated, MissingTheBoatitis can develop into a more serious state. This syndrome is progressive and if left untreated can become quite serious. Signs that it is severe include people using terms like “ancient”, “prehistoric”, and “Pleistocene Era” when referring to you or your business.

What do I post? How to do I get people to buy my products and services?

NowWhat Inertiatitis A & B

The symptoms for Strain A include:

  • Creating social media accounts but not using them
  • Writer’s block
  • Fear of negative comments

 Warning: This condition can cause paralysis if left untreated.

It is estimated that several million social networking accounts are affected by NowWhat Inertiatitis. It’s not difficult to spot an inactive account – one with few fans and no recent updates. Those with sensitive constitutions shouldn’t attempt to view the wreckage. It’s best to avert your eyes and move on.

Symptoms for Strain B (commonly known as “OverPromotionia”) include:

  • Constant posting of ads, discounts and promotions
  • Not posting any valuable, engaging, or entertaining content
  • Wondering why no one is responding to offers

If left untreated, this condition can cause customer annoyance and a bad reputation.

Social Media Marketing Takes Too Much Time & Effort!


Symptoms include:

  • Chronic exhaustion from having to consistently create clever content
  •  Extreme annoyance at having to login, post updates, and respond to individuals on various networking sites
  •  Wasting time from lack of objectives on social networking sites

This condition can also cause paralysis, sluggish sales, and if left untreated, social networking oblivion.

Social Media Stress Syndrome (SMSS) – An Evolving Threat

As you can see, Social Media Stress Syndrome can strike anywhere. If symptoms persist, this can lead to a loss of business, slumping sales, and lethargic networking. 

The good news is that each variety of SMSS can be cured.  In the next article in this series, we will examine MissingTheBoatitis and provide several treatment options.

 If you’re suffering from any form of Social Media Stress Syndrome, Sarah Zeldman, The E-Marketing Maven, can help. Come to one of her seminars and hands-on workshops, have her come to your office for customized training, or contact her to find out the ways she can help you overcome this serious condition.



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